Client/Project Gear-up

A successful launch of PR programs/projects depends on the amount and quality of information provided to those who will do the work.            
Client Name:           Date:
Information Check if given to agency   Check if not available   Check if not applicable  
Marketing plan and budget            
Research studies. Primary/secondary            
Articles about company            
Product literature            
….Tech bulletins            
….A/V presentations            
….Tech manuals            
….Sales training guides            
….Info on Co-op programs            
List of company locations            
List of regional mgrs and phone nos.            
Product names with Registered and Trademark designations            
Names/titles of key people            
Product/company photography:            
Spokesperson bios/photos            
Press releases from last year            
Speeches from last year            
Trade shows you attend and dates            
Publications list and relationships            
Names of technical resource people            
List/description of major competitors            
Logo sheets            
Association involvement            
Internal procedures to follow            
Organizational charts            
Advertising schedule            
Press lists            
Editorial Calendars            
Web site URL            
Competitor(s) Web site URLs            
Other (Name)            
Other (Name)            
Other (Name)            
Other (Name)            
Initials of client who provided items:            
Initials of person who received items: