This list helps you rank the processes you perform for your internal/external clients and the importance you should give to each one.

Some Client Service Processes  
5= high. 1 = low  
Process Your Rank
Annual report creation/writing/production  
Artwork creation, design and production  
Brochure creation/writing/production  
Case study/byliner placement  
Case study/byliner writing  
Client reporting - weekly, monthly, annually  
Client/competitor/environment news tracking  
Client/Project Gear-up  
Collecting and analyzing publicity results  
Community relations planning  
Contacting community leaders  
Contacting financial analysts/brokers  
Contacting government representatives  
Contacting technical analysts  
Counseling on use of communications tools  
Counseling on crises  
Counseling on communications strategy  
Creating/developing charts, diagrams, maps.  
Creating/producing employee benefit communications  
Creating/producing employee letters.  
Creating/producing/implementing surveys  
Creating/producting/distributing Public Service Announcements  
Crisis handling  
Crisis planning  
Customer relations planning  
Developing a management position statement  
Developing creative solutions to client needs  
Developing public relations plans  
Developing story lines for media  
Developing/implementing a basic Web Site  
Developing/implementing a hotline  
Developing/implementing contests  
Developing/implementing on-line media tours  
Developing/implementing on-site spokesperson tour  
Developing/implementing phone-a-thons  
Developing/implementing satellite tours  
Developing/implementing toll-free numbers  
Developing/running corporate contributions program  
Developing/writing white papers/position papers  
Developing/writing/placing op-eds.  
Distributor relations planning  
Internal/external E-mail use  
Employee relations planning  
Event planning/implementation  
Exhibit design and setup  
Fact checking  
Financial news release writing  
Focus group management  
Government relations planning  
Grammar and spell checking  
Idea creation/generation  
Internet/Web access and research  
Making media lists/editorial calendars.  
Media follow-up  
Media/reporter research  
Meeting management  
New business plan preparation  
New business presentation  
New business prospecting  
News release distribution  
News release writing  
News release/press kit production  
Newsgroup tracking and discussion  
Newsletter creation/production  
Performing a communications audit  
Pitching story lines to media  
Preparing a situation analysis  
Preparing for/implementing editorial briefings  
Preparing spokesperson(s) to meet media  
Press room management  
Publicity stunt planning/implementation  
Running press events  
Secondary research  
Setting client expectations  
Shareholder relations planning  
Slide presentation creation/delivery  
Trade show booth implementation  
Trade show publicity  
Vendor relations planning  
Web site content planning.  
Weekly/monthly client management  
Writing speeches