This page thanks those who make this a better site by pointing out errors, omissions and additions.  Thanks to:

Don Bates Spotted missing PR web site, provided link suggestions
John Fry Corrected phone number of Fry Group
Marty Winston For a lengthy critique of the site
Peter Shinbach For pointing out difficulties with icon buttons and for suggesting links.  For general good advice.
Brian A. Kilgore For a helpful critique of the site and for pointing out a missing publication
Lambert Mayer For pointing out missing international web site
Andrea Axelrod For adding marketing site
Al Bellenchia For suggesting an addition of a site index
Leslie Miller For significant additions to medical information resources
Jennifer Farrar Suggested link additions, spotted an error, article revisions
Gail Nelson For spotting a typo
Charles G. Meyst Correcting an erroneous entry
Mike Cargill For suggesting additions to media relations, changes to home page and links
Craig Jolley For suggesting change to home page
Jim Vafeas For identifying a broken link
Judith Mandelbaum For suggesting addition of a link
Karen Horton For suggesting a site design change and links
Michael Millican For suggesting improvements to the home page
Chuck Storer For finding a corrupt file and recommending a link
Tatja Stulten M.A. For recommending a German PR site
Caroline Bassett For extensive work in checking links and adding links
Gary Zabel For suggesting addition of a link
George E. Wolfe For suggesting addition of links
Stephen Saxe For suggesting additions of links and spotting site errors
Jack Goodman For suggesting changes to Online PR course
Lareen Strong For suggesting addition of a link
John Block For suggestions to improve marketing of site
Steve Goodman For suggesting addition of links.
Dan Forbush For suggesting a site improvement
David Shipnuck For a critique of the economics links on the site and suggestions for improvement.
Ethan Rasiel For suggesting a home page improvement.
Catherine Kahl For suggesting addition of a link.
John Fritz For suggesting a link addition and site improvement.
Catherine Jordan For spotting a broken link.
Dr. Michael McGraw For suggesting addition of a link
Dan Savio For suggesting addition of a link
Michael Ettlemyer For suggesting addition of several links and corrections
Ted Bahr For updating a link and suggestion of addition of a link
Sharon Fenster For suggesting addition of several links
Jennifer Adler For suggesting an improvement to the PR & Marketing resources page
Barbara Chaney For spotting a typo.
Darren Shuster For spotting a typo.
David Wilson For suggesting a link.
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Kal Kruiser For suggesting a link.
Michael Horton For suggesting addition of links
Bob Bergey For spotting broken links
Buck Crowley For spotting broken links
James Lawrence For suggestion of a link.
Ann Horton For spotting an error and suggesting improvements to the "Thoughts" section.
Shade Vaughn For reporting a bad link
Ed Bloch For suggesting a link
Margaret Ryan For spotting a bad link
Richard Bailey For suggesting PR blog links
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Richard Bailey For suggesting site improvements
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