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Reference Sources
FAQs from government web sites
Thomas: Legislative information on the Internet from the Library of Congress.
Federal Election Commission
United Nations
Just Facts
USA Facts
First Amendment issues
Campaign financing records
Statistics from 70 agencies
Supreme Court
National archives
Government data
Map: Money and Politics
National Political Index.  Links to local, state and federal level sites.
Daily State Department briefings
Political action site
Federal spending analysis site
Web site devoted to government spying activities
Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources
Office of Electronic Government for online government
Opinion surveys and policy analysis
Budget model
Facts about the US
Occupational Outlook Quarterly.  Jobs data
Historical documents -- U.S.
Freedom of information act
Information on 20,000 city and towns
The White House
Comment site for Federal regulations
Congressional voting records
Tracks Federal Legislation
Political fact checking
US Census Fact Finder
Who runs government
Mapping political contributions
Campaign polls
Political fact-checker

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Congress/Political Parties
Democratic caucus
Congressional directory.  Reps by zip code.
Senate Democrats
Democratic National Committee
GOP site
House of Representatives
Republican National Committee
Congressional bios
Senate Republicans

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Congressional Quarterly
Roll Call.  Current news from Congress.
Political Wire
Government Executive
Federal Times
C-Span networks.  House/Senate schedules, news
New York Times, "The Caucus"
Fed Smith for Federal Govt News.  State and local news
The Atlantic Magazine
National Review
Editorial page - Journal
Newspaper commentary from around the world
Politics - Slashdot
National Journal publications
Yahoo Congress
New York Times Congress
Washington Post politics
ABC News politics

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State/Local Web Sites
Links to Official city and county sites worldwide
Facts about the 50 states
National conference of state legislatures.
Index to state and local government web sites
Facts about the 50 States
Economic statistics by state
Encyclopedia of Georgia
US Conference of Mayors
Money in state politics

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