Interview Tactics
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Analogies Analogies are strong, colorful and powerful. "It's like Rubik's cube without colors… "
Examples Qualify statements through examples whenever possible. "Last year our company donated more than $1 million..."
Statistics Precise statistics bring your information to life. "We're creating 5,600 new jobs this year… "
Personal experience Personal experiences are credible and important. "When I joined this corporation, we… "
Expert Opinion Independent experts provide support for your theses. "HBS professor Michael Porter agrees that..."
Anecdotes Anecdotes give perspective and add meaning to your message. "One time I discovered a fraud…"
Quotes Quotes from experts add credence to your comments. "Alan Greenspan also says that..."
TV Tips
  • Be yourself. Don't look at the camera. Look at the host and be friendly.
  • Use clear language. Avoid jargon.
  • Be aware of body language. Keep your feet flat on the floor. Avoid extraneous movement.

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