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Google map search
Comprehensive map site.
Discount travel search
Great Circle Mapper
Restaurant guides for 20+ cities.
City maps, entertainment, news and weather, sports and recreation
Low-priced air tickets.
Microsoft maps
Tracks planes in the air
French rail system/schedules
Longitudes and latitudes
Discussion boards for frequent flyers
National Geographic's Map Machine
Demographic maps of the world
Flight radar tracks flights in route
International geology surveys and maps
Hotel bookings
Paleo maps.  Earth's history.
Air fares and other info.
Yahoo! Maps
Consumer complaint site about airlines
European maps and directions
Satellite map locator
Terminal maps  for major airports
Environmental maps of the US
Google flights
Transit Directions in multiple US cities
Online hotel booking
Map history resources
World street maps
Seatguru. Lists the best seats on each type of aircraft on the airlines.
Online travel guide
Restaurant guide
National road closure information
Traffic cameras nationwide
Air Fare Watchdog
Low-cost airfares
Low-cost airfares
Flight Delay information

Zip Codes
Flight tracking
Discount tickets
Zip+4 lookup
Cheap hotels in Europe
National ZIP code directory.
Smarter Travel
Demographics by zip code
U.S. State Department info for travelers
Geographic information on cities by zip code
Fly for Less
Lists streets in a zip code
Aviation links, news and chat
Customer's guide to mailing
Online travel plans
Zip code maps
Flight Network
US Naviguide
Restaurant reservations
Information by zip code

Best airline fares
Weather and weather maps.
Trip Advisor
The Weather Channel
Airline tickets for the budget conscious
Weather Underground
Searches for discount airfares.
Earthquakes and their severity
Fodors travel guides
Traffic and weather throughout the US
Bed and Breakfast listings.
Google Flights
Aviation weather
Mass transit directions for many cities
Historical and real-time weather
Seat Expert

The Exact Time
World clock. Calendar generator
U.S. ticket sales to events, shows
Official U.S. time
Access to tickets for events and shows in the U.K., Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Belgium and Australia
Time by country worldwide
Flight tracking
The time now
Up-to-the-minute aviation news

Metric Conversions
Flight performance information
Metric conversions
English to metric conversions
Conversions of many kinds
Convert Units