Reference Works - Literature
Great Books
Free eBooks
Internet Classics archive
Obscure books.
Index of online fiction
Poets reading their works
Medieval bestiaries
The New York Book Review, Granta and NYBooks.  Literary criticism.
An evolving digital library on the ancient Greek and Roman worlds with texts, archaeology, artwork, etc.
Electronic Poetry Center.  A source for interactive verse.
Drew's Scripts-o-Rama.  Scripts from sitcoms.
Spots plagiarism
Works of William Blake
Samuel Pepys Diary
A collection of American and English poetry from 1250 to 1920
The Human-Language Page.  More than 1,800 resources covering more than 100 languages.
A poetry database
The online books page
The online books page.  Links to books online
American Folklore
Don Quixote
Museum of American Poetics
The Academy of American Poets
Interviews with authors
A site to help detect Internet plagiarism
Audio books and programs
A guide to writing systems
Book Reviews
Literature search engine
For those who study crime as literature
Literary calendar
Author interviews
Open Source Shakespeare
Gutenberg Bible Reproduction
The Gilbert and Sullivan archive
Book finder for multiple bookstores
Full text of 400 scholarly works
The works of Aristotle
Readings in classic rhetoric
Free online library
Sources for medieval studies
For finding used and out-of-print book
Rhymes for children's games
Text book search engine
The complete Hans Christian Andersen
Book finder
e-book distribution
Searchable books from scholarly presses
Google Books

Sources on Middle English prose and poetry
Shakespeare online
Online literature
Complete works of Charles Darwin
Greek and Roman material
Cliffs Notes
A compendium of literature and criticism
Book swapping
Mark Twain Project
Greek Mythology
Chinese Poems
Web guides to literature
Robert Louis Stevenson
Archive of poetry
Concordance software


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